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2015 PRESENTATIONS – Click on the title to download PDF file


NWSA 2015 Speakers and Program-Short form – rev7

NWSA 2015 Speakers and Program-Long Form-rev5

NWSA 015-01 Cloutier – Right Weigh Load Scales

NWSA2015-02 Pietrowski – Inventory Discussion Scale Margins

NWSA2015-03 Moyers – Specifying Successful Coal Sampling Systems

NWSA2015-05 Makansi – Long Term Options for Carbon Free Power

NWSA 2015-06 Sirrico – Automatic Bulk Weighing Systems

NWSA 2015-07 Belt Scale Roundtable

NWSA2015-071 Belt Scale Roundtable – Other Influences

NWSA2015-08 Johannesson – Marel Flow scales

NWSA2015-09 Gordon – Understanding online analysis and implementation


NWSA 2014 Speakers and Program-Long Form – rev1

NWSA 2014-01 Sirrico Coal Handling – 1929

NWSA 2014-02 Coalsmith Coal Sampling Basic Training

NWSA 2014-03 Renner Sampling Myths Misunderstandings

NWSA 2014-04 Newman Large Sweep Sampler Columbia

NWSA 2014-05 CHASE – Are More IDLERS Better

NWSA 2014-06 Burrell -Trade Testing of Belt Scales under OIML Rules

NWSA 2014-07 Pietrowski – Introduction to Stockpile Inventory Methods

NWSA 2014-08 Kendall – TradeRouteOnboardTruckWeighing

NWSA 2014-09 Woodward- Maximizing Coal Analyzer Performance

NWSA 2014-10 Moyers – New&FutureUtilityEnviroRegs–PotentialCoalImpacts_Rev3

NWSA 2014-11 Barton – NIST HB44 Update

News Letter 4th Edition 2013 Rev 4 SRS 9-17-2013


NWSA 2013 Speakers and Program – final rev 4

NWSA2013-01 Marmsater_The_Math_Behind_Scales

NWSA2013-02 Sirrico-High Accuracy Weigh Belt

NWSA2013-04 Burrell- Small Test Loads

NWSA2013-05 Storm-Why Accuracy Important to Utility Boilers

NWSA2013-06 Langford_Loadcell_Errors

NWSA2013-07 Davis- Progression MagRes_Laser Coal Analyzer

NWSA2013-09 Campbell-The Beast of Bias

NWSA2013-10 Moyers-Coal Differences and Impacts

NWSA2013-11 Barton- NIST OWM Update

NWSA2013-12 Renner- Sampling Supports Blendingworking copy

NWSA2013-13 Handbook 44 section 2.21 Draft 



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